Here’s your answer to 3D scan data viewing, collaboration, and processing right on your browser. Whether you’re scanning out in the field and require quick responses, or are working with teams based in different locations, Artec Cloud makes your data accessible and downloadable to you, your colleagues or your clients, wherever they are.

Operating as a server that allows you and your team to upload, download, import, export, view, comment on, share, and process 3D scan data, Artec Cloud is an easy-to-use and real time collaborative platform that brings more flexibility to your 3D data workflow.

With Artec Cloud, save time as you process numerous projects at the same time. With your CPU, GPU, and memory left unoccupied, you’re free to work on other tasks as Artec Cloud does all the hard work — or just come back to find your projects processed and ready to go.

Artec Cloud is compatible with Leo, Eva, and Space Spider, can be accessed on all major browsers, and runs on Windows and macOS. Using Artec Leo, you’ll be able to upload your projects directly to Artec Cloud without needing SD cards or cables, while Eva and Space Spider support upload from Artec Studio. Download projects from Artec Cloud onto your computer when you need to!

With an easy-to-use interface and a simplified processing workflow, everyone from a scanning expert to your new client will be able to benefit.