This structured light 3D scanner is the ideal choice for making a quick, textured and accurate 3D model of medium sized objects such as a human bust, an alloy wheel, or a motorcycle exhaust system. It scans quickly, capturing precise measurements in high resolution.

Light, fast and versatile, Eva is our most popular scanner and a market leader in handheld 3D scanners. Based on safe-to-use structured light scanning technology, it is an excellent all round solution for capturing objects of almost any kind, including objects with black and shiny surfaces

Powered by first of its kind AI technology in the 3D scanning market for detail rich scans with maximum surface coverage and minimal noise. ARTEC have a deep history in computer vision and AI with ARTEC AI experts working with APPLE to develop their face ID algorithm. ARTEC have extended this technology to 3D objects of any kind.

Standout features such as:

  • accuracy 100 microns (0.1 mm)
  • resolution 200 microns (0.2 mm)
  • using AI technology for HD mode
  • up to 16x 3D frames per second
  • full colour & texture
  • no need for targets

Standard warranty is 2 years. However for a small nominal fee the warranty can be extended to a maximum of 7 years warranty.

For after sales support ARTEC CARE is available for a small fee. In the event of accidental drop or damage of the 3D scanner ARTEC will repair the unit at no additional cost. Peace of mind when owning such a valuable asset.

ARTEC EVA HD datasheet