ARTEC STUDIO 18 software

ARTEC STUDIO 18 software

Automatic processing

Speed up your scan-to-mesh workflow with Autopilot. With a few simple questions, the software will select the most effective 3D algorithms for the data at hand.

Easy to learn

Artec Studio is designed to be intuitive and easy to use and learn, so all your attention can be focused on your work.

Powered by AI

Easily capture hard-to-reach areas, sharp edges, and small and thin elements in high-resolution 3D with Artec Studio’s AI neural engine.

Introducing multi-resolution fusion

Combine different resolution scans in a single step with Artec Studio Smart Fusion. Now, you can capture the bigger picture with long-range Ray II, fill in any gaps with the handheld Leo, then create a model using the highest resolution data from each.

A streamlined quality inspection workflow

Artec Studio’s new deviation, tolerance, and thickness analysis algorithms help accelerate your quality inspection workflow and cross-examine your 3D scanning efforts

Advanced tools for all your reverse engineering needs

Artec Studio now features all the tools you’ll need to quickly make essential reverse engineering edits, including design fault corrections and product performance improvements

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