Survey Controllers

SURVEY SOLUTIONS offers a range of options for survey controller hardware

Android has become the most popular operating system for survey controllers. The affordable hardware combined with better performance in battery life and screen brightness has caused this shift.

For android field software SOUTH SurvX is recommended

SurvX android software from SOUTH includes the following features:

  • New Zealand coordinate systems for 1949 and 2000 and the latest 2016 geoid model for heights.
  • Stakeout points, lines and DTM
  • Topographical site survey using user defined feature code library and drawing linework and symbols in field.
  • Auto record points based upon distance or time
  • Take photos and sketch on photos in field and export
  • Import data via user defined CSV, landXML, google earth KML/KMZ or DXF/DWG.
  • Export data via user defined CSV, DXF, google earth KML/KMZ, CASS or carlson coordinate file (.crd)
  • CAD functions using layers for data
  • Measure and calculate areas and volumes in field
  • Single and multiple point localisations
  • COGO functions for offsets, intersection, calculate coordinate from bearing/distance, areas etc
  • The GNSS survey report from SurvX complies with the new 2022 Cadastral Survey regulations further details on Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) website


Watch the following video on SurvX android software CLICK HERE

Aplitop from SPAIN have a range of office software solutions for land surveyors and civil engineers for survey and design work as well as processing 3D pointclouds from a range of static, mobile and drone/UAV devices. An all in one solution for all projects using total station, GNSS, 3D laser scanners or drone/UAV